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Traveling the world as we have done just makes us more awestruck at the Creator's incredible design. His plan and purpose for His Creation is revealed in greater detail in our recommended books section.

Will has released a children's book [recommended ages 5 -105!] ! It is a wonderful photographic journey through the insect world! Here is a link to the YouTube trailer, just copy and paste in your URL:

As we are assisting the Creation Adventures Museum, we have unique access to Dr. Gary Parker's written works. Dr. Parker was a vehement and dedicated evolutionist until the facts of science {and the Holy Spirit} helped him to come to the conclusion that Creation better explains the past, present, and future of our planet. 
[Highly Recommended;  His book, Creation Facts of Life, presents his journey in a personable, down to earth manner that anyone asking the big questions of life can relate to...]
Bugs Big and Small, God MadeThem All!
Bugs Big and Small, God MadeThem All!
Creation Facts of Life Book
Creation Facts of Life Book
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