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Metallic Marvelous
Metallic Marvelous
Metallic Marvelous

One-of-a-kind display of museum quality containing some of the most sought after beetles in the World! Called "Jewel Scarabs" for thier incredibly metallic and highly polished shells that were actually used for jewelry! Two amzing beetles take center stage; a huge specimen of silver beetle, Chrysina chrysargyrea, and a perfect example of the solid gold beetle, Chrysina resplendens.  These two look like they have just been dipped in the molten metal, yet they are completely natural...just the way God designed them! Surrounding these two are four "Glorious" beetles, Plusiotis gloriosa, said to be the United States most beautiful. They are a gorgeous green color with metallic silver stripes down their backs. Wow! Pictures cannot capture the beauty! Then, we have placed four of Europe's most incredible scarab, the "Cerulean beetle" Hoplia coerulea, a smaller beetle but unsurpassed with it's vivid metallic blues! All of these beetles are active during the day, similar to their counterparts the butterflies, whom they rival in color and majesty! Not only are these rare and hard to obtain beetles diplayed in a breathtaking and highly decorative Victorian gold shadowbox frame, but they are also ILLUMINATED! Built into the frame are small LED lights that truly showcase the incredible beauty of the Creator's metallic marvels!

[five months in the making!]

[More pictures on request...]

Frame Size: 10 1/2 in. X 9 1/2 in. [hanging only, batteries included ...requires 2 AA...easy to insert/replace and switch on/off]

Shipping: FREE!!!

Price:Was $425.00 Sale! $395.00

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