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Giant Jawed Beetles
Giant Jawed Beetles
Giant Jawed Beetles
This display contains three incredible beetles from the tropics. The two smaller stag beetles are from Africa, and the immense beetle in the center lives in the dense jungles of South America. Macrodontia cervicornis is considered one of the world's largest beetles and possesses an incredible pair of mandibles.  The coloration of these specimens help them to blend in to their surroundings, and although they look menacing, they are herbivores which prefer sap and fruit!  A unique and unforgettable display!  [This is a HUGE example of the 'sabre toothed' or 'sawyer longhorn' beetle, measuring in at 147 mm!]
Species: M. cervicornis= Amazonia  [Huge male, almost 6 inches long!]
              P. savagei= Central Africa
Frame Size: 8 in. X 9 in.
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