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Buzz-Saw Bug
Buzz-Saw Bug
Buzz-Saw Bug
Buzz-Saw Bug
An unusual and uncommon 'lantern fly' insect from the Amazon River Basin with a striking head arrangement full of spikes and spines!  The lantern flies are actually not flies at all but a true bug that is similar to our leaf hoppers. In the tropics, these insects have some of the most unusual looking head gear, including the famous 'Peanut Head Bug'.  This species is more rare and displays it's eye spots on it's dark wings.  How they received the name 'lantern fly' is unsure, but one story goes that when first discovered, the young woman collector noticed a glow when she opened the box where her specimens were kept.  Probably caused by bio luminescent bacteria as the lantern fly does not posses light producing ability, but the legend stuck and hence the name!
Set on acid free watercolor paper, and under UV blocking museum glass.
Set in a unique frame that compliments this strange but amazing insect!

Species: Cathedra serrata
Location: Peru
Frame Size: 7 1/2 X 9 1/2 in.
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