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Menelaus Morpho In Double Glass

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Menelaus Morpho In Double Glass
Menelaus Morpho In Double Glass
Menelaus Morpho In Double Glass
Menelaus Morpho In Double Glass
A beautiful and highly reflective Morpho menelaus in a medium sized black double glass frame! Classic style and awesome butterfly!

The striking iridescence which makes the Morpho such an incredible example of God's art actually comes from the structure of the tiny scales. Actually, the scales are transparent, but the faceted shape is DESIGNED precisely to refract only the vivid blue wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum. [Looking at a cross section with an electron microscope, the structure almost looks like tiny Christmas trees! Check out the photos below] Just how could these infinitely precise and microscopic structures form by slight mutations!?! Even in a trillion years, mutations COULD NOT accumulate to favor the exact measurements and designs required to produce such beauty. Only blind faith in evolutionary 'just so stories' of deep time + mutations could one deduce that naturalistic processes could create the Morpho scale, or any of the amazing diversity that we see around us! Applied science is actually trying to replicate the Morpho design in new thermal imaging technology, but finding it difficult to reproduce...Even in a fallen cursed world we can still see the beauty and design by our Creator.

The incredibly reflective blue of the male butterflies [females are brown or yellow] can actually be seen from planes as they fly high over the rain forests! 
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Species: Morpho menelaus male
Location: Guyana
Frame Size: 6 in. X 6 in.
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