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A smaller but beautiful and uncommon butterfly from Central America! This tribe is known for its intricately designed under wings, and the female displayed here is no exception! There are about 20 known species in the genus, and many have patterns that resemble numbers or other geometrical shapes. Many are very small but this is considered one of the larger species. It is displayed 'verso' so the patterns can be seen, and mounted in a unique carved frame to accentuate the spherical design. Also set with UV filter glass....
Striking display! [There is an identical frame with a 'pink clearwing' butterfly currently for sale. If you purchase both we can lower total price by $10!] Only one!

Species: Callicore pitheas [the 'Two-Eyed 88' butterfly]
Location: Costa Rica
Frame Size:  7 in. X 7 in.
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