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Every so often we get some pretty interesting emails against our stand on Jesus Christ as Creator. Just making that statement is like scraping  fingernails across a chalkboard to those who believe [by faith] that insects and all creatures are the result of millions of years of evolution. Someone recently emailed us in a quite upset tone saying that we "should be ashamed" for not embracing evolution and accused us of "dumbing down" our children and being part of the problem in America. [our High School homeschoolers test at College Level] Well, thankfully we still live in a free country [for now] and our freedom of speech is a special privilege.  I tried to respond directly to her message but unfortunately she did not leave a real in case she comes again to our website or perhaps you may be wondering our point of view, I wanted to post a little reply to make it clear that we are Not Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, "for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, for the Jew first and also for the Greek [AKA the modern progressive secularist]." First, here was her email:

You should be ashamed.. traveling the world and yet ignoring Darwin's findings.. It's called EVOLUTION. Look it up.. your teaching against science HURTS our great country because you are purposely dumbing down your children. Don't you want the world to find a cure for cancer? Well that is not going to happen without science! Stop praying so much and use the brain in your head.

 I used to believe in molecules-to-man evolution.  I blindly accepted what I read and saw on TV and museums from the 'experts' who claimed evolution is science and proven beyond a doubt. Anyone with half a brain cell should believe it, right? Only those ignorant folk who reject 'science' and want to live in the Dark Ages would refuse to accept it. After all, "the Bible was just a bunch of myths..."

But the evidence that is everywhere and so clearly in front of all of us pointed me to the truth of our Creator, Jesus Christ...He is real and alive and has changed my life!  His Word is true. He is coming again to free our present space time continuum from the corruption of sin which our first parents brought upon us... a new heaven and earth!   He died on the cross as the perfect sacrifice [the Last Adam] to break the curse in our lives. Nothing we can do to earn this, no one can be good enough, just humbly accept what He did for you on the cross... All religions have man reaching up to attain some sort of 'godhood'. Only true Christianity has the Creator coming down and saving the fallen human race

He rose again to prove [empirically!] that He is the Creator, Sustainer, Redeemer, and soon to come Judge! PLEASE don't spit on the offer of His Mercy as I almost did.....He loves you, and He wants you to trust Him, to repent and surrender your life to His plans for you. As a loving Father who wants the best for you Ethel, He will heal your brokenness, if you allow Him to. But you must choose... 

I do pray that the blinders of your eyes are removed to see the Creator before it is too late. Real science that is not biased with evolutionary dogma always points overwhelmingly to the truth of a Creator! At our little museum we like to say that "God's World agrees with God's Word". Take for example [there are so many] the T-Rex fresh blood and tissue find [no way scientifically that could last 65 million years!]...

Until my dying breath, I will do as much as I can to share this Good News with anyone who will listen Ethel!   I will teach my children and as many other children as I am able that this Good News is the only hope we have for our fallen race of degenerate mutants. 

Best Regards, Will
[a fellow traveler who has found the truth.  Creation clearly cries out that there is a Creator, unless you choose to believe, by faith, the impossible....that all this happened as an explosion of matter billions of years ago = A fairy tale for adults]

For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse...Romans 1:20

As far as finding cures and doing real science, evolutionary dogma is NOT the main requirement, especially in medicine.   My wife is an award winning nurse who helped start a medical clinic in Africa which saved many lives. Also, did you know that the man who invented the MRI machine does not believe in evolution but is a Creationist? [not to mention the 'fathers' of modern science and medicine...] If you were perhaps a bit more open minded [unlike most evolutionists] you may be willing to hear more on this matter....I would love to talk to you!

Evolution is a religion that requires a great deal of FAITH; the problem is that many people would rather blindly believe that it is "science"...Creation also requires faith, but a more reasonable faith I would argue.  I would rather place my faith in God who Created life, who is outside of space and time, than in material processes that created life from non life through an explosion! ['Occam's Razor'... which is the simpler and less complicated idea here? But both must be taken by faith, it all comes down to faith...]

[If there is a Creator, then He was there in the beginning and has left us a record in His creation but more importantly in the Bible. We can either trust Darwin's ideas, or God's Word...either Evolution or Creation, there is no middle ground here for those who would want to compromise.  I choose to place my faith in Him...and will answer to Him for my actions on earth...I am not god, but will someday stand before my Creator on the Day of Judgement. My hope is that He will say "Well Done" rather than "Depart from Me, I never Knew You " and the only way we can be sure He will forgive us and accept us is by trusting in Christ and His finished work on the cross for us]

We live in a fallen, corrupted , messed up
world, not what the Creator originally intended for us. Why does a good God supposedly allow so much death and suffering?? This is the cry and excuse of many who want to deny the Creator to follow their 'own way'.  We live in a fallen world from what our first parents did...God has a plan and someday will 'set it right' but He gave us a free will AND a brain to use...It is up to us to choose Him and His Word, or will you trust the self proclaimed experts who just repeat other self proclaimed experts that we are a cosmic accident? 
 We have a choice while here on earth, but our time here is very short and today may be our last! "Choose ye this day whom you shall serve..." "There is a way which seems right to a man, but the end thereof, is death..."

For a great synopsis on this topic, please read Dr. Gary Parker's "Creation Facts of Life" A former vehement evolutionist who saw that science points to a Creator...and it changed his life! [See in our Creation Books section]

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