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  "Wings of the Rainforest" is run by Will and Amy Zinke, both of whom have been avid naturalists since childhood. With their family of four children, they have traveled extensively and love to display breathtaking, interesting, and sometimes bizarre oddities ranging from giant beetles to fossilized remains of extinct creatures. 

     Will has been a science teacher for over ten years, and Amy is an award winning RN. They served overseas for three years in Kenya, East Africa assisting a local Mission. What a great experience, even having one of their children born there!  They are presently homeschooling and 'homesteading' on "Wingspread Farm"!
     Will recently assisted in developing the "Insectorium" at the Creation Museum in Kentucky, and completed his first children's book, "Bugs: Big and Small, God Made them All".
     They are currently residing in Arcadia, Florida, working with world renown author and speaker, Dr. Gary Parker.  Together with Dr. and Mrs. Parker, they assist with the "Creation Adventures Museum", conducting field trips and sharing the wondrous truth of Christ and His creation. 
     Each piece is a work of art; exquisitely mounted and professionally framed. Amy's favorites are the butterfly displays always on rotation here! Welcome, and please return regularly for some different form of "God's Art", displayed creations from the Greatest Artist! Our goal is to glorify Jesus Christ, our Creator and Redeemer, who made these wonderful creatures!
     Why not consider a butterfly as a gift?  They are preserved in an air tight display that will last indefinitely, unlike flowers that fade after just a few days.  They represent the grandeur and glorious diversity of creation, reflecting the mind of their Creator.  Did you know butterflies are the ancient symbol for  transformation, resurrection and new life? ["Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.." II Corinthians 5:17] What better gift for a wedding, graduation or a new arrival!  And the best reason, they're gorgeous!
     Our displays are not the usual "riker" mounted box [unless noted] but professional top quality artistic frames/shadowboxes with either rice paper backing or double glass. All are double sealed and specially treated to deter pests. We only use quality acid free matting which will not yellow.  Many displays are re-fitted fancy oil painting frames or decorative picture frames to give an antique or Victorian feel. Others are more modern, streamlined styles. Whatever your tastes are, be assured that you are purchasing a high quality display that will compliment [not distract from] the incredible beauty of the specimen.  Every display is painstakingly put together, usually taking many hours to get it just right![Satisfaction guaranteed!]  If you would like more photos of a particular display, please ask and we will be glad to send you some. Custom orders are welcome and will cost a bit more, but we are happy to accommodate any request! Please feel free to email us any request or questions you may have!
    You are also helping to conserve the world's rain forests. All of our species are legally acquired through domestic importers, and were raised on "butterfly farms". These farms give incentive for indigenous peoples to conserve the remaining rain forests for future profit instead of destroying them for present but temporal gain. All of our butterflies are "A" quality ["End of Life" or "Ex- Pupa"]. {Satisfaction guaranteed!}
     Again, welcome to our website and please continue on to our  "Customer Service" page for more information and terms and conditions. [Please note that any Florida sales will need to pay 7% State Sales tax....sorry!]
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