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  • Your display is constructed in such a way as to preserve the specimen indefinitely.  [Of course, don't drop it!]  It is double sealed to keep pests out. Specimens are treated with powerful insecticide to deter pests. Do not place display in direct sunlight or the colors will eventually fade. [All butterfly displays on the market, even those that promote reflective glass, will fade if left in direct sun for long periods. Only the morphos, beetles, and some other irridescent species, are resilient to sunlight...but will be affected as well] Please avoid extremes in humidity, as condensation will form inside the frame.


  • Shipping is listed for each item under it's description, unless free shipping is offered.  [Shipping costs include postage plus materials]. We ship to outside the USA, but shipping costs apply. If you are in another country, please contact us for terms and costs. Please note: large items will cost more to ship, usually $35-$65 depending on size and weight. 
  • We ship all in-stock items as soon as possible after payment is cleared and accepted, usually within 4 business days.

    • Please allow at least 7 business days for delivery, depending on availability.
    • We use First Class or Priority Mail  
    • Gift Wrapping is available for a $7.00 charge! Please email with order if interested


We want you to be happy with your collector's item so please be aware of our policies on returns. 

  • If you are not satisfied with your item for any reason, please let us know within 1 week and we will refund your returned item, or offer you another!
  • If item is damaged in shipping [very unlikely] and insurance was not purchased we can reserve the right to withold refund, but will always work with you. [just have to say this!]


  • We prefer Money Order  [bank/U.S. Postal/Western Union or other official corporation] and accept personal check which MUST clear before order is shipped. PLEASE make checks or money orders payable to William Zinke...Thank you!
  • We accept PayPal  Please Note: In some instances, shipping must be paid

    separately due to store cart set-up...we will send a Paypal money request invoice soon after your order for shipping and handling costs [these are stated with each item]

  • We accept all major Credit Cards [VISA,  MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, and American Express ];
  • For check or money order, please send payment within 7 days after your order. Again, personal checks must clear before order is shipped otherwise order will be suspended, and any service charges for bounced checks will be applied . Remember to make checks payable to William Zinke... 
  • We only use "Pro Pay" merchant gateway, a division of Wells Fargo.

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  • No sales tax for orders outside of Florida. If ordering within Florida, a 7% sales tax must be applied [Sorry!]


  • In no way will "Wings of the Rainforest" share or sell information or ask any information beyond what is needed to process your order


  •  If you are looking for a particular species or color style, we can customize your order as you like. Please contact us for more details! [Expect custom orders to cost a bit more please. Extended time for completion will be required]


  •    If you have any questions, concerns or comments, You can reach us via our email, or by phone at (863) 993-1627. Because this is a home business and we have children, email is the best way of communication. Our new address is :    2220 NW Haile Dean Rd. Arcadia, FL  34266     
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